I have a Golden Ticket for your child and their friends!

I always wanted a Golden Ticket, and could never get that song out of my head, “I got a Golden Ticket…” Well, now that I am older I realized the easiest way to get my own “Golden Ticket” was to create my own.  This is not just any ordinary golden ticket, it’s a Golden MAGIC Ticket and the only way to get one is to be at a train themed birthday party or other event that Steve the Magic Conductor is performing at.  Children will love these authentic looking jumbo sized golden train tickets and there is even some fun on the back to keep them busy!

Golden Magic Train Ticket

Welcome to Steve the Magic Condcutor’s Blog

All Aboard…..All Aboard!!!

Welcome to my blog, you don’t even need a ticket to hop onboard.  I will be sharing stories about my travels as Steve the Magic Conductor.  It all started when my son Dylan became obsessed with trains and after watching him for two years playing with and talking about trains all day I decided to create this character to promote reading at schools and libraries.  I’ll be sharing details about all the different programs I offer as Steve the Magic Conductor and you will see how I create new shows as time goes on.  Once again, Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!