Review of Steve the Magic Conductor and “The Caboose Mystery”

“Magician Steve Woyce recently appeared at Montclair Public Library for his performance of Steve the Magic Conductor, his original locomotive-themed, show. Mr. Woyce’s show was a fantastic and overwhelming hit. Kids and parents alike guffawed endlessly throughout Mr. Woyce’s clever dream mash-up of trains and magic. Woyce’s control of a room with a challenging scope of age ranges was masterful and it seemed that everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, came away from the show having enjoyed thoroughly. The biggest testimonials came from the many parents who pulled me aside at show’s end to tell me how great they thought the show was. I very much recommend magician Steve Woyce for family programs at schools, libraries, and all-around family events big and small.”
Deivis Garcia, Youth Services Department, Montclair Public Library

Published by

Steve the Magic Conductor

Steve the Magic Conductor was 5 years old when he went on his first train ride and there was a magician aboard. The next day he went to the library and took out 2 books, a book about trains and a magic book. The rest is history....

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