Party Tip for planning a Birthday Party with Entertainment!

Planning a birthday party is a lot of work.  First you need to pick a date and make sure everyone is available.  Then a theme, and you need the cake, and decorations and ….ENTERTAINMENT!  Whether you are planning a train themed birthday party or not, if you are planning on having entertainment, a magician, clown, costume character, singer/band, balloon artist, or face painter, you want to make sure your guests are there when the performer is ready to start.  Many professional birthday entertainers are busy, especially on weekends.  Most are willing to be flexible by 10 minutes or so, but if they have to travel and be set for another party they probably won’t be able to start 30 minutes late to wait for that one cousin who is always late.  My suggestion is to always let your guests know that you have entertainment at your party and when it will begin.  For example, the party starts at 12 noon and the birthday party magician will start his show at 12:30PM and the show ends at 1:15PM.  That way your guests know that you have an entertainer at your birthday party and when the show starts and finishes.  This will help make your event a little less stressful for you and your party entertainer and in the event that someone misses the show, you won’t feel like you did anything wrong.  Looking for train themed entertainment for your child’s train themed birthday party, invite Steve the Magic Conductor.
Steve the Magic Conductor will make your child’s next train themed birthday party unforgettable!

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Steve the Magic Conductor

Steve the Magic Conductor was 5 years old when he went on his first train ride and there was a magician aboard. The next day he went to the library and took out 2 books, a book about trains and a magic book. The rest is history....

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