Edward, King of the Trains

Make your own Train for a Birthday Party or Halloween!

Snidely & the B's

Halloween is a big deal in my family. We go wild with decorations, spooky lighting, and of course, HOMEMADE costumes. We love it. You can imagine my disappointment when my beloved first born child balked at wearing any kind of costume. No hats, no makeup, no capes, no tails, no weird shoes, nuthin. His first Halloween, he cried the entire time he had on his little monkey costume. His second Halloween, I got him a yellow shirt and drew a charlie brown zig-zag on it and called it a day. His third Halloween, he refused to wear anything but an orange shirt with a jack-o-lantern face on it. WHO IS THIS CHILD??

So along came Halloween #4.  I knew if I could come up with the right idea, that he would come around. Or…I hoped anyway.

I focused in on what he loves the most. Thomas & Friends. I thought,”What…

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Steve the Magic Conductor

Steve the Magic Conductor was 5 years old when he went on his first train ride and there was a magician aboard. The next day he went to the library and took out 2 books, a book about trains and a magic book. The rest is history....

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